wordy t-shirts, shirts & gifts at defDesigns.com.  Funny t-shirts, shirts & gifts too.  

Wordy T-shirts, Shirts & Gifts at defDesigns.com

wordy t-shirts, shirts & gifts at defDesigns.com.  Funny t-shirts, shirts & gifts too.  
Funny T-shirts & Gifts: wordy t-shirts, shirts & gifts

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Attitude Adjustable. Attitude Adjusted. Too Old to Change. Proud of my Inmate of the month. Problem child.
Lead Air Guitarist. Drams Teen. Hello, I AM not like you ex. Extremists Suck. Grown Up.
Eye Candy. Been there.  Didn't do that. Been there.  Got the miles. Older Than Dirt. Too Old to Care... Too Senile to Remember.
Almost Perfect If You Don't Like My Personality... Thank God he did give it to You! If it weren't for Jesus... I'd Lose All My Marbles!  Is there life before coffee? Life is Short.  Eat Chocolate.
It Wasn't Me! Are there intelligent life forms in the universe?  Well yeah... No one's visited us yet. How many swimmers does it take to change a light bulb?  Don't know yet... They keep getting electrocuted.    

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defDesigns.com's wordy t-shirts & gifts look great on our high quality products offered through our affiliate, CafePress.com.   Wordy shirts include white t-shirts, ash grey t-shirts, adult sweatshirts, adult baseball jerseys, baby doll tees, infant t-shirts and toddler t-shirts.  Wordy gifts include baby bibs, coffee mugs, travel mugs, posters, mousepads, aprons, tote bags, wall clocks, lunch boxes & more.  What a great gift idea!   *White t-shirts come in kids sizes too.  We also customize text or remove text from designs - just Contact Us!  We also accept design requests, time permitted.  Other gifts available if it is not already included in a store/product line...
Copyright İEynon Finley.  Designs include copyrighted material created and copyrighted by İEynon Finley 1979 - 2003.  All Rights Reserved. 


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