wordy t-shirts, shirts & gifts at defDesigns.com.  Funny t-shirts, shirts & gifts too.  

Warrior T-shirts, Shirts & Gifts at defDesigns.com

wordy t-shirts, shirts & gifts at defDesigns.com.  Funny t-shirts, shirts & gifts too.  
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defDesigns.com's warrior t-shirts & gifts look great on our high quality products offered through our affiliate, CafePress.com.   Warrior shirts include white t-shirts, ash grey t-shirts, adult sweatshirts, adult baseball jerseys, baby doll tees, infant t-shirts and toddler t-shirts.  Warrior gifts include baby bibs, coffee mugs, travel mugs, posters, mouse pads, aprons, tote bags, wall clocks, lunch boxes & more.  What a great gift idea for the warrior(s) in your life!   *White t-shirts come in kids sizes too.  We also customize text or remove text from designs - just Contact Us!  We also accept design requests, time permitted.  Other gifts available if it is not already included in a store/product line...
Warrior Rap Songs: here are some rap songs created to go along with some of our Warrior merchandise.  If you'd like another type of Warrior song written or Warrior design created, please let us know.  We will be happy to try to create them.  - just Contact Us!   Warrior Rap Song Contest: No Experience Necessary...  We would love to hear your rendition of our warrior rap songs!  If you submit a sound (.MP3) &/or movie file and we select it, we will post it with your name (if desired) and will send you a free t-shirt.  Please have only one song per file.  -  just Contact Us!
Rap Song Contest Winners (so far) - to listen, click links:
Carol Anne Gordon: Mom Warrrior, Housework Warrior, & Cellulite Warrior Rap Songs
D.E. Finley:  Mom Warrior  , Housework Warrior , Cellulite Warrior

Mom Warrior Rap Song

Housework Warrior Rap Song Cellulite Warrior Rap Song

I’m a Mom Warrior and I’m hear to say, ya gotta do what ya momma says everyday.  Ya know she’s cares about you though it may not seem ‘cause she can be pretty cranky and mean.   Oh yeah, she nags.  Boom, schoom, ba ba boom.  Oh yeah, she nags.  Boom schoom, ba ba boom.  Oh yeah, she nags.  Boom schoom, ba ba boom. 

If you’d do it the first five times, she wouldn’t nag.  If you'd do what she says, she wouldn’t be a drag.  If you'd do what she  says, you’d have an easier life.  So why don’t you listen to your momma tonight?  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah, baby.


Housework Warrior.  She’s (or He's) got an attitude.  Housework Warrior.  She’s really in the mood.  Housework Warrior.   She’s gonna clean today.  The dust is busting away.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah. 

Housework Warrior.  She’s got a vacuum cleaner.  Housework Warrior.   She couldn’t be no neater.  Housework Warrior.  She’s gonna scrub the tile.  While rapping all the while.   Housework Warrior.  She’s using Tidy Bowl.  The dirt is gonna roll.  Housework Warrior.   She’s got an attitude.  Housework Warrior.  She’s really in the mood.  Oh yeah. Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.



Into the car...  Vroom! Vroom!  Off to the gym...  It’s Cellulite Warrior.  She’s going to get on her elliptical trainer and beat down the cellulite.  Here she goes.  Da duh.  Da duh.  Da da da da da duh.  Cellulite. Da da duh.  Gotta beat.  Da da duh.  Gotta beat the cellulite away.     Oh yeah. Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  Cellulite.  Da da duh.  Warrior.   Can not let the cellulite stay.  No way.   

Cellulite. Da da duh.  Warrior.   Da da duh.  She’s in the gym, da dum da dum,  from nine to ten.  Da bum da bum.  Cellulite.  Da bum da bum.  Warrior.   Da bum da bum.   You see her in the gym every day.   Cellulite.  Ba bum ba bum.  Warrior.  She’s fighting gravity.  She’s fighting gravity.  To keep the cellulite from sagging to her knees.  


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Oh please.  If only it didn't look like cottage cheese.  Da dum.


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