offensive t-shirts, shirts & gifts at - funny stuff.  

Offensive T-shirts, Offensive Shirts & Gifts at

offensive t-shirts, shirts & gifts at - funny stuff.  
Funny T-shirts & Gifts: offensive t-shirts, offensive shirts & offensive gifts

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My ex got everything but this shirt, mug, poster, etc. Fight Air Pollution.  Stop Farting. I Brake for Wind. Think my attitude is bad?  Smell your breath! High on life (can't afford druds)
The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat. The only thing worse than a  Democrat is a. Republican Designated Whiner Husband calls wife fat & lives to tell about it... Tired of not being retired.
The only thing worse than a hard-nosed conservative is a ... The only thing worse than a flaming liberalis a ... Bring sex and cigars back to the White House. How's my attitude?  Write Camp Politics - we lie around the camp fire.
Saddam's briefs - time for a change! I've struck oil! Martha you bitch and with my best friend! Life is good. Wise Ass (shit happens)
Falling Behind! BS Artist I love  mysleves. - Schizophrenic Self Affirmation. Be nice to me.  My shrink says I'm pyschotic. You are so full of sh*t... You should be a colostomy bag.

Page 1 2's  offensive t-shirts & gifts - our funny, offensive or often offensive designs  (or sarcastic, rude, slam, blunt, etc.) look great on our high quality products offered through our affiliate,   Offensive shirts include white t-shirts, ash grey t-shirts, adult sweatshirts, adult baseball jerseys, baby doll tees, infant t-shirts and toddler t-shirts.  Offensive gifts include baby bibs, coffee mugs, posters, mousepads, aprons, canvas tote bags, wall clocks, lunch boxes & more.  What a great gift idea!   *White t-shirts come in kids sizes too.  We also customize text or remove text from designs - just Contact Us!  We also accept design requests, time permitted.  Other Products available if it is not already included in a store/product line...
Copyright İEynon Finley.  Designs include copyrighted material created and copyrighted by İEynon Finley 1979 - 2003.  All Rights Reserved. 


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