See this design on  dog t-shirts, dog gifts & dog lover merchandise.  

Joel Cunha's Dog Cartoon T-shirts, Shirts & Gifts at

See this design on  dog t-shirts, dog gifts & dog lover merchandise.  

Pet T-shirts & Gifts: Joel Cunha's dog cartoon t-shirts, dog shirts & dog gifts   

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I need a day off Meditation Ooops! Peace Check out Joel Cunha's Website

Joel Cunha started early.  Born in the interior of the State of So Paulo-Brazil.  At 18, Joel moved to So Paulo and worked at Chrysler Corporation,  developing drawings of parts in perspective to catalog parts. At the age of 28, he opened an office of design and marketing.   In 2001, Joel started to rescue the projects from the Teenager Times, putting some of them in practice.  One of these projects was the dog ROQ.  He continues to create and draw by the side of his 31 cats.

Yes, I love bananas Rex, Thugs & Rock 'n Roll Surfin' USA Soccer  
Music 1 Music 2 Music 3 Fishing

Roq: art fanatic.  Frustrated composer.  Radical skater.  Sports enthusiast.

Dancing the life Golf Love Squish!

Row: male grasshopper.  Singer. Composer.  Guitar player.   Roqs parasite.

Joel Cunha's dog cartoon t-shirts & dog gifts - Joel Cunha's dog cartoon designs & dog cartoons look great on our high quality products offered through our affiliate, on merchandise such as t-shirts, ash grey t-shirts, adult sweatshirts, adult baseball jerseys, baby doll tees, infant t-shirts and toddler t-shirts.  Dogs gifts & dog lover merchandise include baby bibs, coffee mugs, travel mugs, posters, mousepads, aprons, canvas totebags, wall clocks, lunch boxes & more.  *White t-shirts come in kids sizes too.  What a great gift idea for a dog lover, cartoon lover, music fan, or animal lover!  Joel Cunha's designs are also great for sports enthusiasts such as skate boarders, golfers, surfers, soccer players, & fishing fans.  We also customize text or remove text from designs.  Or if there's a particular dog design or dog cartoon you'd like we accept design requests, time permitted - just Contact Us!  We will be happy to try to create your ideal cute dog or puppy.   Other Products available if it is not already included in a store/product line...  Just Contact Us!

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