See this democrat design on democrat t-shirts, democrat merchandise & political bumper stickers through  

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See this democrat design on democrat t-shirts, democrat merchandise & political bumper stickers through  

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Give Bush another pretzel.  Anti Bush t-shirts & gifts. Bring sex & cigars back to the White House.  Bill Clinton t-shirts & gifts. Camp Republican - we lie around the camp fire.  Anti republican t-shirts & gifts. The only thing worse than a Democrat is a Republican.  Anti republican t-shirts & gifts. Shock & Awedacity. (parody of Shock & Awe)
Rarely is the question asked - is our children president lerning?  Anti Bush t-shirts & gifts. The only thing worse than a flaming liberal is a hard-nosed conservative.  It's my Political Party & I'll cry if I want to. If you can't say anything nice about Bush, sit next to me. Ask the Bush Administration about their Dirty Secrets.
Save A Tree.  Remove A Bush. Sign - Bush At Work Dear Saddam, Hate you.  Hate Iraq.  Taking the oil.  - Dubya. Liberal Democratic Mule / Donkey
Blank Thoughts - Bush's thoughts about the environment, global warming,  the deficit, & so much more. Turkey Talk - Let's meet the White House turkey. G.W. Bush got to go to Washington, D.C., & all I got was this lousy, budget, deficit. Support an Exit Strategy for Bush Bush - Reality Sucks
Stop Bush & Dick from Screwing Our Country!        

Click Here for:  Peace T-Shirts     Anti-War T-Shirts   More Democrat T-shirts's democrat t-shirts & democrat merchandise & gifts - our democrat designs look great on our high quality products offered through our affiliate, on merchandise such as  democrat t-shirts, funny political t-shirts,  sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, baby doll tees, golf shirts, kids t-shirts, infant / baby and toddler t-shirts.  Gifts include democrat bumper stickers, posters, mousepads, aprons, canvas tote bags, bibs, mugs & other gifts.  What a great gift idea!   We also customize text or remove text from designs, accept design requests, etc. - just Contact Us!   Express Your Views! - 10% of profits go to a socially conscious charity. 

 * This website contains many designs for t-shirts & gifts that have been created based on Customer's e-mails & Customer's requests.  Customers may and often do have conflicting views and tastes from other customers, especially regarding politics and humor.  If there is another viewpoint that you would like expressed in a design, please  Contact Us

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