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Contact:  Debbie E. Finley

Phone:  512-918-1213


Tee’s for Peace – Texas Cartoonist Makes Statements For Peace With Her Designs


Austin, TX, March 13, 2003 – With the possibility of war with Iraq dominating the news, many Americans are trying to find their own way of dealing with this potential life-changing event.  One Austin artist is using her artistic abilities and sense of humor to display her views.


Debbie Eynon Finley has offered clothing and other items featuring her clever designs on her page since last year.  Currently, her designs, featuring messages of peace, are garnering the most customer attention. Issue-oriented topics are not new to her site where she offers an array of political t-shirts.   But, her “Peace Pages” are getting the most notice lately.  The designs reflect the peace cries of years past with sayings such as “Make Love Not War” or “Peace Now” while others reflect the current political climate with designs saying “Peace is mightier than Saddam” and another shirt shows an anti-Iraq war symbol.  Since the Iraq conflict began, she has noticed a dramatic increase in sales of her Peace merchandise on


As to why she began the peace-based designs, Debbie Eynon Finley says, “With all of the news surrounding the war, I wanted to give people an artistic and peaceful way to express their views.  It may help people assert themselves better to change the overall situation on a grass roots level.”


Designs can be purchased on a wide selection of merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, posters, stickers, tote bags, aprons and more.  Currently, the best selling Peace t-shirts are the anti-war symbol and anti-Iraq war symbol.  The best selling Cartoon designs on her website are “The Lecture” and “Dumb Ass/Smart Ass”.  All of her designs can viewed on her online shop at



Debbie Eynon Finley, a cartoonist, first began publishing and licensing her cartoons and humorous illustrations in 1978.  In May 2002, she created a website to deliver her cartoons and designs on products to a wider audience.  Products imprinted with her designs have sold across the country in gift shops and larger stores such as Wal-Mart.  She is continuing to expand her product lines.


For more information about, call (512) 928-1213 or e-mail Those interested in obtaining a license can contact Artistic Licensing at (310) 475-6202