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Meet Rocky and Baylor:                   Page 1 2 3 4 5 6

Rocky was adopted when he was a stray puppy. He was found in a restaurant parking lot. It was near Enchanted Rock in Texas, thus his name Rocky.

Baylor was adopted a year after Rocky when she was a puppy. She was the smallest dog in her litter but she wagged her tail the most.

Baylor as a puppy getting led by Rocky.

Baylor still wags her tail so much it makes loud thumping sounds when she's sitting or lying down.

Rocky loves bones and almost any food.

Rocky's favorite sport is raiding the kitchen counters late at night. So far, he has counter dived for a baguette, thawing frozen chicken, oatmeal, cherry tomatoes... Now, all edibles are kept on top of the refrigerator.

Rocky is on low fat diet to keep the 10 lbs off that he lost. He enjoys his new fitness and can jump onto the back seat of the car by himself.

Since Rocky buries his bones in the back yard, the bones and his paws get very dirty. (We also discovered later that bones crack his teeth : ( )

Rocky doesn't like baths, but it doesn't discourage him from getting muddy.

Rocky gets an oatmeal shampoo bath.

Rocky is bathed. Baylor's turn is next.

Baylor tolerates baths more than Rocky.

Baylor towels off after her bath.

Baylor relaxes.

Rocky shakes for a treat, wearing his new mud protection booties.

Rocky and Baylor celebrate Halloween.

Baylor awaits Treat or Treators.

Rocky celebrates Christmas.

When it's hot out, which it often is in Austin, Texas, Baylor and Rocky like go for a swim in near by creeks.

Rocky cools off in the creek on a hot day.

Rocky carries a rock in his mouth from the creek.

Rocky snacks on a snow pea.

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