See this design, humorous illustration on t shirts, greeting cards & birthday gifts through  Licensing available.  

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See this design, humorous illustration on t shirts, greeting cards & birthday gifts through  Licensing available.  
def designs, sells funny products such as funny, creative  t-shirts, tops, mugs, posters, and more.

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kids t-shirts places t-shirts   Press Add/Trade Links Newsletter Debbie Eynon Finley, a cartoonist, first began publishing and licensing her cartoons and humorous illustrations in 1978.  In May 2002, she created this website to deliver her cartoons, humorous illustrations and designs on products such as t-shirts and gifts to a wider audience.  She is continuing to expand her designs and product lines.   She also features designs from other artists on her website where specified.

Our Clients: Customers are men, women, children, and infants from around the globe with a wide variety of tastes and views from conservative to liberal, funny to serious and cute to cool.

Licensing Designs: Many of Debbie E. Finley's designs have been licensed for greeting cards, posters, rubber stamps, hand bags, children's clothes, marketing/advertising campaigns, and other products.   Products imprinted with her designs and cartoons have sold stores across the country in stores such as gift shops, beach shops, and larger chain stores such as Wal-mart. 

For more information regarding licensing any of Debbie E. Finley's designs, please contact us.

Re-Use of Designs: Usually, usage-based flat fees can be contracted for your use of's existing humorous illustrations, designs and cartoons on applications such as publications, advertisements, greeting cards, etc.  Many of Debbie E. Finley's cartoons have been published in local and college newspapers and in larger publications including the American Medical Association, MacMillan Publishing, Fancy Publications, etc.  If you are interested in re-using any of's images, please contact us.

Design Submissions - we license or buy funny designs:  Have a humorous illustration, cartoon or design that would look great on a t-shirt or other product?  Please contact us to submit your design to us as a .png  or .jpg file and indicate "submission".  We will reply within two weeks.


Copyright İEynon Finley.  Designs include copyrighted material created and copyrighted by İEynon Finley 1979 - 2003.  All Rights Reserved. 









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